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Enjoy Quality Water With Our Home Alkaline Water System

Anyone living in Los Angeles County, CA, knows that tap water can have a significant chlorine taste. If you get water from a well, it can have high levels of minerals and other contaminants and a bad odor and taste based on groundwater levels and other factors.

In the city and suburban areas, the pipes in apartments and homes can add a variety of metals to drinking water as the acidic nature of the water leaches these metals out of the plumbing system.

How it Works

Aquacubed offers a solution for both city and well water with our alkaline water system for home use. This tankless, high flow home alkaline water system ensures that contaminants and metals are removed from the water and also adjusts the pH to 8.5-9.5, which offers the ideal option for hydration and balancing of acidity in the body.

After filtration of the water, the system adds calcium and magnesium ions, which convert acidic water into beneficial alkaline water. This is done automatically as the filtration process occurs, and all you need to do is turn on the tap.

Operating Our Alkaline Water System for Homes

Installing our alkaline water system for a house in Los Angeles County, CA, is easy. The tankless system fits under the sink area and features an easy-to-see display to provide a filter replacement reminder and TDS information. Changing filters takes just seconds, and with a six-step filtration system, your water is free from sediments, contaminants, smells, and unpleasant tastes.

The result is an alkaline water that is clear, pure, and always tastes great. We use reverse osmosis technology in our alkaline water filter system for home use, which is proven to result in an efficient and low-cost water filtration process.

For more details on our home alkaline water system, call Aquacubed today at 833-571-0259. You can also reach us online for more information.


An alkaline water system is a filtration system designed to raise the pH level of water, making it more alkaline. This is achieved through various methods such as adding minerals like calcium and magnesium, or through electrolysis.

These systems work by using a combination of filters to remove impurities and then an ionizer to increase the pH level of the water. The ionizer separates the water into acidic and alkaline streams, allowing you to consume the alkaline water.

Hydration: Alkaline water may hydrate better than regular water.

pH Balance: It can help neutralize acid in the bloodstream.

Antioxidant Properties: It contains antioxidants which can help fight free radicals.

Detoxification: May aid in detoxifying the body.a

Some proponents claim that alkaline water can help with conditions such as acid reflux, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. However, more scientific research is needed to confirm these benefits.

Installation typically involves connecting the system to your home’s water supply. Some systems are countertop units that connect to your faucet, while others may be under-sink models requiring more extensive installation.

Filter replacement frequency varies by model and water quality but generally ranges from every 6 months to a year. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.