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The Basics Of An Alkaline Water Filter For Home Use

In and around Riverside County, CA, people understand the importance of staying hydrated and drinking good quality water. Unfortunately, water from the taps is not always healthy, and it can contain organic and inorganic contaminants and various metals leached from your plumbing system.

At Aquacubed, we provide the best solution in a home alkaline water system that prevents the acidity of the water from pulling metals out of the pipes or from well water. Our Alkaline water filter system is a compact, tankless system that provides a high flow of water with high filtering accuracy for quality drinking water right at your sink. Our tankless systems provide filter change reminders, which take just seconds to complete.

Why Do I Need an Alkaline Water Filter System for Home Use?

Our alkaline water system for home applications does more than prevent potentially toxic metals from entering your drinking water. Our systems also provide five plus one layers of filtration that remove more than 1000 different potential contaminants in water. Each filter traps progressively smaller contaminants and particles, resulting in better quality water.

Once the water passes through the filter, it moves through a mineral cartridge. This cartridge adds a specific amount of calcium and magnesium, which results in an increase in the pH of the water. Our alkaline water purifier raises the pH to 8.5-9.5, which is optimal for absorption by the body and helps to reduce body acidity.

Adding an alkaline water filter to your home in Riverside County, CA, also eliminates the need to buy and store bottled water, which is always an environmentally friendly benefit to consider.

If you are interested in learning more about the Aquacubed 600G, high flow tankless alkaline water filter systems, call us today at 833-571-0259 or reach out to our team online.


The main types include:

  • Pitcher Filters: Simple and portable, ideal for small households.
  • Faucet-Mounted Filters: Attach directly to the faucet.
  • Countertop Filters: Sit on the counter and connect to the faucet.
  • Under-Sink Filters: Installed under the sink to provide alkaline water through a dedicated faucet.

Using an alkaline water filter can improve the taste and quality of your water, provide potential health benefits such as improved hydration and antioxidant properties, and help neutralize acidity in the body.

Yes, many alkaline water filters are designed to improve the taste of water by removing contaminants and adding beneficial minerals, resulting in better-tasting water.