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What Are the Health Benefits of Using an Alkaline Water Purifier in Orange County, CA?

Alkaline water has been praised for its ability to potentially neutralize acidity within the human body but is also believed to possess a number of health benefits for those who use an alkaline water purifier in Orange County, CA.

Greater hydration

Alkaline water comes with smaller molecular clusters than regular water, which may make it easier for it to permeate the walls of cells, possibly staving off dehydration and enhancing cellular hydration even more effectively than is the case with normal water. While there have been only limited studies on the impact on hydration of alkaline water, emerging research and anecdotal evidence suggests it could support superior hydration.

Better digestion

The potential of alkaline water to neutralize the excess acid within the stomach could help with digestion by easing the symptoms of acid reflux and providing enzymatic activity with a more balanced environment.

The majority of people who have given their endorsement to alkaline water have experienced a decrease in bloating and discomfort in the stomach and the benefits of alkaline water in comparison to regular water have also been cited by athletes and fitness enthusiasts when consumed after or during exercise.

Supports detoxification

The elevated PH of alkaline water may result in the creation of an environment that is less amenable to acidic residues being able to accumulate in the tissues of the body, and thus support waste products being eliminated naturally. Alkaline water is suspected to help the body to neutralize this waste and assist the kidneys and liver with the filtering out of toxins.